Keep Your Windows Crystal Clear at the Beach

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Living on the beach is heavenly!

The sun reflecting on the water makes a kaleidoscope of color from sunrise to sunset, and marine animals provide a constant show whether it is porpoises playing in the waves or osprey diving for lunch.

There is nothing more frustrating than sea spray blocking that beautiful view!

Anybody who's ever lived in a beach house or coastal town knows that keeping glass doors and windows clear can be difficult. This is because the cool ocean breeze often carries salts with it, which tend to accumulate on these surfaces. Don't let salt deposits spoil your view.

Begin with undiluted white vinegar. Simply put some in a spray bottle and spritz liberally on salt-stained surfaces. Leave it on for a few minutes and then proceed to scrub with a nylon pad to remove stubborn salts. You can repeat the process if any more stains remain. After this, make sure to dry the surface completely.

Once the surface is clean, apply Rain-X Shower Door Water Repellent or Rain-X Original in a even coat and buff using a cloth or paper towel in firm circular strokes.  Only apply in well-ventilated area as the fumes are very strong.  The product will dry with a slight haze.  Re-apply if you can see that you missed any spots.  After the haze is completely dry buff with clean cloth or wipe down with damp cloth or wet paper towel.

Now enjoy!