For All My Single Ladies!

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Real Estate

In 2017 alone, 60% of women millennial buyers were single!

Buying a home seems to come with the idea that it’s the step AFTER you get married and have a family - but that simply isn’t true! Not only is home buying an incredible investment, it provides stability. If you’re worried that a home is too much of a commitment, while you still enjoy traveling around the world, having a great Realtor (like me)  can help ensure you aren’t tied down by a home, but that your money is working for you.

No one ever said your net worth is a burden. Build your net worth by owning your own dream house and recoup your investment when the day comes to sell. If you’re paying the same amount on rent as you could on a mortgage payment, doesn’t it make sense to put that monthly amount into a home you could actually get the money back on? Of course it does!

When you add the universal dream of living on or near the beach, don't let anything stop you from making that dream a reality!

Come check out the beautiful beaches in St. Augustine, and sample the amazing food and music the town has to offer.

It’s time to invest in yourself and your future. Give me a call!